Specialist Equipment & Technology Assessments

Looking for support for your childs learning?

We can help anyone studying at secondary school or further education (sixth form or college), who has a specific learning difficulty (for example Dyslexia), mental health condition or disability, who wants to use assistive technology and study strategies to help them learn.

In order to book an assessment, please call us on 01633 660 632 or email us at admin@accessforstudents.co.uk

  • The main goal of a Specialist Equipment & Technology Assessments  is to help address barriers to the pupil’s education caused by their additional learning needs.


    The assessment consists of one of our expert Assessors identifying and demonstrating any software or equipment that may aid a pupil’s educational needs. For example, this may include software to help with reading or spelling, or it may be specialist mice and keyboards. As there are various forms of support available, our knowledgeable Assessors are able to narrow this down to find the most well-suited support package for that individual pupil.

  • A Specialist Equipment & Technology Assessments is for anyone studying GCSE’s, A-levels or equivalent, who has a specific learning difficulty (e.g Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD), mental health condition or disability, wanting to use assistive technology and equipment to help them achieve their full potential. We are able to offer these assessments to pre-GCSE pupils as well.

  • A Specialist Equipment & Technology Assessments involves a relaxed chat with an experienced assessor . They will listen to your difficulties and make recommendations for Assistive Technology and Equipment that will support you in your studies. The assessment will last 1.5-2 hours.

  • We are able to offer online assessments via video calling platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. If you are unable to attend the assessment at our centre because of your medical condition, we might be able to conduct your assessment at home or an alternative venue.

  • A Specialist Equipment & Technology Assessment and report costs £475 (including VAT), and this is payable prior to booking.

  • You can book an assessment by calling our office on 01633 660 633 or emailing our admin team at admin@accessforstudents.co.uk

  • We understand that everyone has different budgets, so the recommendations will be tailored to your budget.

    There are free (or minimal cost) apps that can provide standard functionality, and more expensive software with much more sophisticated functions.

    A lot of the technology we recommend requires access to a computer or tablet.

    In our report, we will include a quote from these suppliers for any of our recommendations in the report so you have an idea of costs for each recommendation made. We are independent from these suppliers so you can be confident that the recommendations we make are based on your child’s needs.