SpLD Assessment Process

Get in contact with us to arrange your Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) assessment by calling us on 01633 660 632. This includes Dyslexia Assessments, Dyscalculia Assessments and Dyspraxia Assessments.
Pay the £495 assessment fee within 48 Hours of making the booking.
Fill in the pre-assessment questionnaires before the assessment.
For online Specific Learning Difficulty assessments, the assessor will send out a video calling link (such as Microsoft Teams) the day before the assessment. For the assessment, you will require lined paper and a pen/pencil and a camera smart phone.
Attend your Specific Learning Difficulty assessment. The SpLD assessor will start by explaining the process of how the SpLD assessment will be conducted and they will listen to the concerns of the individual. Then the SpLD assessment will begin. This will last between 2.5-3 hours.
After the Specific Learning Difficulty assessment you’ll receive the report via email. We aim to get this to you within 10 working days. You are entitled to review this and provide comments, and then the final version will be sent to you.